CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry Discussed Tackling Trolls And The Proper Use Of ‘C*nt’

With a new record, Every Open Eye, due for release on September 25, CHVRCHES is making its rounds to promote the record. In a recent Vulture profile, the Scottish band addressed the constant battle against online trolls and teased some new sounds.

When lead singer Lauren Mayberry, a frequent target of misogynist comments, was asked about her approach of taking trolls head-on, she brushed her shoulder off.

“Once you speak out about it, you attract a certain kind of male who gets pissed off and is like, ‘You’ve got equal rights, what do you want?’ ” She guffaws. “It’s ridiculous. The only thing we’re doing is allowing a woman to exist in a space that you don’t think she should exist in.”

Meanwhile, keyboardist Martin Doherty boasted about a new “Van Halen ‘Jump’ keyboard sound” when discussing the production of the new album.

CHVRCHES was also recently interviewed by Beats 1 DJ Ebro Darden, who seemingly went into the segment without having done any background research about the band. However, Mayberry was given a few new nicknames — “Lauren the Boss” and “The Instrument” — and spoke about first starting vocal coaching in November to “get rid of my own impostor complex [of comparing herself to trained vocalists].”

“I think it has been really helpful just to learn that I can’t do that, I can’t sing that high, or I can’t sing that kind of run. It’s just been helpful to learn that the way you sing is as much to do with your own psychology as it is the actual [training, breathing, etc].”

There was also an entertaining anecdote about Mayberry dropping “a c-bomb in America the other day.” This led to a discussion about the word “c*nt” in the UK versus “motherf*cker” in the U.S., and the hypocrisy of it all.

Check out the full (uncensored) interview below.

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(Via Vulture, Beats 1 Radio)