Lauren Mayberry Of Chvrches Does Not Want To Be Proposed To By Hecklers

There’s always going to be that one guy at a concert who yells something dumb.  A majority of the time the band ignores the heckler or plays along and puts them in their place.  During some crowd banter at a New York Central Park Summerstage show, Chrvches singer Lauren Mayberry put a particularly annoying heckler in his place.

The heckler yelled “Marry me!” while Mayberry was talking in between songs, which did not go over well with the singer or the audience. Mayberry responded immediately by saying “Oh, come on. What’s the hit rate on that? When you go to public places and ask women you don’t know if they want to wed you, does that work out well for you, sir?” That should be enough to put the guy in his place, right? Not for Mayberry who added that the audience member probably didn’t know who she was; “And also, I assume because you’re here that you’d know a bit about our band. And I’m very grumpy. I don’t want that sh*t.” This shouldn’t come as a surprise, Mayberry has been very vocal about misogynist comments and internet trolls in the past.

The crowd applauded the public shaming which was then followed by a second heckler asking “Why are you grumpy Lauren? What’s wrong?” Mayberry politely responded by flipping off the heckler before going into “Playing Dead.”

Lauren Mayberry – 2 Crowd Hecklers – 0.

(via Stereogum)