Watch Chvrches Tease Billowing, Synthy Music Track In An Enigmatic Video

Glasgow trio Chvrches are up to something. The band recently posted a brief and equally enigmatic video of singer Lauren Mayberry using lipstick to draw a heart on a mirror, then immediately cover it with a giant “X.” It’s soundtracked by billowing synths and only provides the short caption, “GET IN.” The cryptic spree doesn’t stop there; the band wiped their social media channels clean, deleting all past Instagram posts and tweets. It can only mean one thing — new music is nigh.

Chvrches’ last two releases were 2013’s The Bones of What You Believe and 2015’s Every Open Eye. The two were self-produced and set them as a guarantee on the festival circuit, and now for their third release, the band is widening their inner circle. Mayberry and bandmates Iain Cook and Martin Doherty brought on producer Greg Kurstin — who’s worked with big names like Adele and Pink — onto the new project.

“He’s done such big pop records, but they’ve always got a bit of saltiness in them,” says Mayberry. “He pushed what we were doing to be bigger in some ways, but he also pushed us to be weirder. He’d be like, ‘If the vocal melodies are as sweet and as precise as this, why don’t we make these other sounds so f—ed up and gnarly and strange?’ I loved that.”

Watch the video above.

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