Someone Played City Girls’ ‘Act Up’ At Church And Got The Congregation All Riled Up

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City Girls’ sophomore album Girl Code is a few months old at this point, but still appears to be going strong on the charts, moving up thanks to their strong singles “Twerk” featuring Cardi B and now, “Act Up.” The latter song has become something of a clarion call for party girls who just want to have a good time, popping up in videos online and becoming the subject of the #ActUpChallenge, which has grown to the point of causing parental hysteria at some schools. The fervor for the challenge reached fever pitch, though, when a Twitter user shared a video of someone apparently playing the song at a church function involving women twerking in some — let’s say “abbreviated” dress.

“WHAT IS IT ABOUT THIS SONG THAT MAKES YALL ACT LIKE THIS, WE IN A CHURCH,” wrote @iamTresor. Of course, it didn’t take long for the reactions to come rolling in, as the display obviously touched a few nerves. Some replies naturally condemned the revelry, with one commenter writing: “What in the Our Ladies Church of Abomination is going on here? Where was the pastor?”

Others took the incongruity in stride, joking that it was exactly the kind of service they’d be inspired to attend. As always, some of our favorite responses can be seen below. While there’s still no explanation for the spectacle, it can only bode well for City Girls that their new single is doing so well that some fans are apparently willing to risk divine wrath over it. Somewhere, JT is probably smiling.