Start Your Weekend With What May Be The Greatest Music Video Of All Time – IceJJFish’s ‘On The Floor’

It’s been a pretty up and down week hasn’t it kids? We’ve got Leno finally retiring (Yay!), people threatening 5 year olds (Boo!), George Clooney was everywhere (Yay Boner!), Russia killing dogs (Boo, but boner?) and a lot more. So let’s say goodbye to this long, first week post-Football with the greatest song and music video methinks the world has ever heard, “On The Floor” by IceJJFish. Move over T-Baby:

We know what you’re thinking:

Mmmmm…that is delicious. It’s like William Hung mated with Drake and out popped a singer (?) who constantly looks at the floor. If you can’t make it through the whole video at least stay for the greatest girl dance moves in history, beginning around the 2:38 mark.

I’m so glad this video is in my life. This is how I feel right now:

Not only is that some high level baby-making music, but that will be my ringtone from now until at least, like, noon on Sunday.

via Youtube, gifs via whifflegif