Watch Cloud Nothings Turn Coldplay’s Hit Song ‘Clocks’ Into A Barely Recognizable Collision Of Sounds

Typically, the goal when covering a song written and recorded by someone else is to get close enough in proximation to the structure and framework of the original, while adding your own distinct spin. Maybe you change the words or some of the instruments. Perhaps you tweak the melody, or throw in a new bridge. Then you have Cloud Nothings who decided to take Coldplay’s classic ’00s anthem “Clocks” and blow it to smithereens.

The Cleveland rockers were recently invited to take part in the A.V. Club’s ongoing Undercover web-series where different artists reimagine the works of others. Cloud Nothing’s take on “Clocks” starts out downright trippy. Together, they push play and Chris Martin’s iconic piano rhythm comes to life, but just over the top are an array of flatulent grunts and cat meows. The piano is replaced with the sound of an alarming midi-keyboard and the room becomes flooded with smoke.

Before you know it any recognizable feature of “Clocks” becomes erased by this discordant wall of clashing noise. The band itself is barely visible underneath a haze of purple and green clouds. The sound eventually morphs again, and the melody resumes before eventually petering out and concluding with a final few feline noises.

Catch the wicked display for yourself above and compare it to the original below.

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