Coachella Has Reportedly Canceled The 2020 Festival And May Scale Back In 2021

In the spring, when the coronavirus pandemic was just starting to change the way life works worldwide, music festival organizers began postponing their 2020 events, thinking a delay of a few months would be a sufficient enough wait. It appears the music world may have to hold out a bit longer, though, and festivals are starting to realize that; The 2020 edition of Lollapalooza was just canceled outright, for example. It was reported a few weeks ago that Coachella was getting ready to pull the plug on this year’s fest, and if new reports are to be believed, it looks like they already have.

Although Coachella organizers Goldenvoice have yet to offer an official announcement, Billboard reports that Coachella 2020 has been called off. Additionally, Goldenvoice parent company AEG apparently isn’t sure what their plans are for 2020: The two major options seem to be hosting a 60-percent capacity festival in the spring of 2021, or waiting until the fall of that year. Ultimately, these decisions won’t be made until AEG has a better understanding of the pandemic’s continued impact.

Even if Coachella were to be held in 2020, a lot of cautious folks may not have attended anyway: In a recent survey of epidemiologists, a majority of them said they would be waiting at least another year before going to a concert or similar events.