Coachella Brought Tupac Back To Life Last Night In Hologram Form

Overheard at a recent meeting of Coachella organizers…

“Okay guys, what are we going to do to close out the festival this year? We need to do something bold, something no one has ever done before, something that will garner headlines, something that will make the thousands of people in attendance who’ve been tripping on acid for three days straight sh*t their fucking pants, and, most importantly, something that will GO VIRAL. Any ideas?”

“Um, how bought we bring back a dead-but-often-rumored-to-be-still-alive artist on stage in hologram form?”

“BRILLIANT! And to make it even more creepy, we’ll have that artist — OMG TUPAC!!! — yell, “What the f*ck is up Coachella?” to the crowd before he starts his set!”

Welcome to the future, guys. Once slimy music industry execs discover that they can make money off of dead artists in this way, well, get ready for the Hologram Michael Jackson Thriller tour to come to arena near you very soon. Thanks a lot, Coachella! Your move, Bonnaroo.

Video of Hologram Tupac’s, ugh, performance is below. The Smoking Section has video of many of the other key performances from the weekend if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

(Gifs via Thugism)