The First Creepy Coachella Craigslist Post Of The Year Has Arrived

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Coachella’s lineup might only be a day old, and already causing polarizing reactions, but we’re already getting to some of our favorite Chelly traditions. No, we’re not talking about the Facebook posts from our friends complaining about the lineup. We’re talking about the creepy, likely fake, but still hilarious Craigslist ads. And we’ve already found the first one of the year.

In typical creepy Craigslist fashion, this post is from a dude looking for ladies to accompany him to Coachella. The guy is claiming to be an electronic music producer and looking for “two beautiful women” help him network. He’s offering a pair of artist passes in exchange.

Of course, there are some stipulations. For one, you can’t like Diplo. “In fact if you see Diplo, I’d ask that you treat him like a tool,” the poster writes. The poster also asks for recent photos, though he promises there is no expectation of romantic encounters. And, he just wants an honest opinion of his EDM music:

“I will send you one of the demos of a song I’m releasing this year. I want you to give me your thoughts in a one-paragraph review of the track. Even if somehow you think it sucks (I promise it won’t), I want you to be able to talk about my music when we’re around industry people. It probably will sound better coming from two beautiful women than from one socially awkward dude.”

It’s all funny and dumb enough that it’s almost certainly a joke, but who knows, maybe there are some people who’d actually apply to this. Check out a screenshot of the post below, as it is likely to be taken down soon.


(h/t Bryce Segall)