This Bot-Generated Coachella Lineup Features Fake Artists Like Lil Hack, One Of Pig, And Fanch

01.24.18 1 year ago 5 Comments

There may or may not be a music festival problem, but regardless, what is indisputable is that this year’s Coachella lineup has generated some controversy. For instance, Louis Tomlinson just wants to know “where the f-ck” all the bands are. Well Louis, I have some great news for you: Coachella may not have added more bands to the lineup, but if you don’t mind diving into the realm of fantasy, a neural network has generated a new Coachella lineup filled with (unfortunately fake) awesome band names.

Fake Coachella got three pretty amazing headliners — Fanch, One Of Pig, and Lil Hack — but there are a ton of quality acts down the poster as well. There’s thrash metal band Hoop Of Gomb, indie oddballs Horse Choir, singer-songwriter Beth Factory, EDM up-and-comer Giraffics, dream pop darlings Beachfeel, chiptune group Billions Of Mario, outsider artist “Food” Thoyd, and Mega Bathman, which I assume is a William Howard Taft tribute.

Surprisingly, there are a few pretty legitimate-sounding band names whose non-existent music I now impossibly want to listen to, such as The Original Motion, Jeff Loud, Dinotot, Lake Wave, Starque, and of course, Furious Band.

Check out the poster above, and to learn more about the technology that made this possible, this blog post about training a neural network to generate cooking recipes does a pretty good job at explaining how a neural network accomplishes this sort of task.

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