Converse Are Creating Shoes With Guitar Pedals Built In To Them

Converse want you to add their newest sneaker to your guitar’s pedal board. If you don’t already own the essential wah-wah pedal, then you might be in luck with the “Chuck Taylor All Wah.” With the shoe company’s incredible upgrade to their iconic sneaker, you won’t actually be plugging into your shoe like their prototype from a few years ago, instead the All Wah will communicate via Bluetooth with a Wah-Box.

In order to create the wah sound, they added a sensor in the sole of the shoe so that when you flex the sneaker, you get the Wah guitar effect. If you’d prefer to use your guitar-pedal-sneaker with something other than your amp, the All Wah will be compatible with either your Mac or iPhone.

The All Wah has been something Converse has been working on for a few years with design agency Critical Mass as part of their Chuck Hack events. It wasn’t until the wearable technology brand CuteCircuit took the prototype one step further by making it completely wireless.

No official release date has been set yet but expect the Chuck Taylor All Wah pedal to hit shelves sometime in the future. Until then, check out the original prototype video of the shoe below.

(via Pitchfork)