Here’s The Best Video Of Cookie Monster Singing ‘Gimme Some More’ By Busta Rhymes You’ll See Today

(NSFW audio)

Would you like to see the “Cookie Of Oz” Sesame Street parody edited to appear as though Cookie Monster is singing “Gimme Some More” by Busta Rhymes? Well, it’s happening either way. It may not have the gravel-voiced melancholy of Cookie Waits or the impressive teamwork of “So What’cha Want”, but it makes up for it in exuberance. As editor AnimalRobot explains, “It’s fundamentally a tale of greed and excess.”

It could have used more of Cookie Monster’s sweet dance moves, though.

The guy inside the costume? That’s right. Busta Rhymes.

(Via The High Definite and AnimalRobot)