Coolio Is Selling His Music Catalog To Fund His New Career As A Chef

Coolio, recently seen with not much hair left to braid and making random appearances on Celebrity Wife Swap, is apparently switching career gears and diving headlong into the culinary arts. And apparently becoming a chef is quite expensive, as Coolio is putting his entire catalog up for auction to pay for it.

Reports Rolling Stone:

The rapper is putting 123 songs, including his Grammy-winning single “Gangsta’s Paradise,” up for auction at the Royalty Exchange, according to The Guardian. Coolio’s catalogue includes eight albums over 19 years, and is expected to fetch between $134,000 and $225,000. The 50-year-old hasn’t had an album on the charts in well over a decade, but his hits reportedly pull in $23,227 every year in royalties.

With some new money, Coolio – who made a splash with his 2009 book Cookin’ With Coolio – is looking to “invest the funds from the song catalogue sale to expand his cookbook series and his online cooking show of the same name,” according to a press release.

If I was rich I’d totally shell out a quarter of a million dollars just so I could say that I own Coolio’s music catalog. That’d be a nice feather in the cap, I think.

Meanwhile, we support Coolio’s efforts to become the Celebrity Chef to end all Celebrity Chefs. He’s already off to a great start…