Cupcakke Unloads On Sukihana With The Furious ‘The Gag Is’

It looks like Cupcakke got exactly what she wanted when she released the trolling single “How To Rob (Remix).” After mentioning seemingly half the working artists in rap, she got a bite from up-and-coming rapper Sukihana, who clapped back a day later with the defiant “Rob Who.” Now, the two rappers are engaged in a lyrical tussle, and it’s Cupcakke’s turn to unload with the furious “The Gag Is.” Judging by the sound of it, she was waiting for the opportunity to pounce and relishes terrorizing her newfound opponent.

Over a menacing beat, Cupcakke goes in on Suki, rejecting any calls for peace right out the gate. “You got a whole man with an OnlyFans / B*tch, that don’t add up,” she snarls among other insults. The usually raunchy rapper seems to have taken the comparison to Vivian from Bebe’s Kids personally as she spends nearly three minutes shredding her competition with brutal barbs taking aim at everything from Suki’s surgery to her lyrics to her kids.

Although Suki was the first to respond to Cupcakke’s vicious remake of 50 Cent’s breakout single, she’s far from the only person with reason to. Cupcakke threatens or mocks Cardi B, City Girls, Chief Keef, DaBaby, Doja Cat, DreamDoll, Flo Milli, and many, many more on the track.

Listen to “The Gag Is” above.

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