Watch Cut Copy Go On A ‘Back To The Future’-Style Journey In The Strangely Supernatural ‘Airborne’ Video

Australia’s electronic group Cut Copy was a favorite of the 2000s and, like fellow peers in the indie dance scene LCD Soundsystem, they are coming back together to give us more new music. Today, Cut Copy has shared a strangely supernatural video, directed by Gerson Aguerri, for new single “Airborne.” Watch above.

The video features Cut Copy’s Dan Whitford embarking out into the night to relieve his hunger for a midnight snack, when whatever is in his fridge doesn’t look too appetizing — an all-too-familiar feeling. Instead of just getting a burger and being on his way, Whitford finds himself followed by some sort of magical character who is carrying an electric globe. The video certainly proves that “midnight’s crazy when you’re down.” Check out Whitford’s statement on the Back To The Future-esque journey below.

“The video for our song ‘Airborne’ is probably the most interesting and most challenging that I’ve ever been involved in. It was shot in Barcelona, all through the night for three days running and culminated with a final scene with me having not slept for 24 hours and playing a piano on the back of a moving truck. To say it was a once in a lifetime experience is no understatement! Despite the sleep deprivation, Gerson and his team at CANADA did a fantastic job bringing this surreal story to life.”

“Airborne” is out now via Astralwerks.