DaBaby Reportedly Broke His Hand During His Viral Fight In The Louis Vuitton Store

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Back in May, DaBaby made headlines after a video of a confrontation between him and fellow Charlotte rapper Cam Coldheart spread like wildfire across social media. In the now infamous clip, the “Suge” rapper is approached by Coldheart in a Louis Vuitton store, and after a fight — which was not captured on camera — a disheveled Coldheart is shown attempting to peel himself off the ground with his face bloodied and shorts pooled around his ankles. DaBaby has since parodied the incident in his video for “Carpet Burn.”

And while it’s clear that the 27-year-old emerged from the altercation the clear winner, he apparently didn’t escape the incident unscathed. The rapper apparently broke his hand during the fight. In subsequent shows, DaBaby has appeared with bandages covering his right hand and wrist. He mentioned the injury in an Instagram post following his show in Greensboro on June 14 after an apparent run-in with law enforcement. “Police harassing me, Searching my cars, squeezing on my lil hurt hand n sh*t lol.,” he wrote.

While injuries are never fun, Dababy has managed to find a silver lining to being slightly dinged up. After a recent show in New York City, he posted a message to his Instagram, celebrating a change in his performance that his injury sparked. “I thank God for letting me beat whoop dat n—-a till my hand broke It gave me an excuse to use this headset microphone,” he joked.