DaBaby Parodies His Viral Fight In The New Music Video For ‘Carpet Burn’

DaBaby is no stranger to humor. Even before he showed up to SXSX in a diaper in 2017, jokes and visual gags were a key part of the North Carolina rapper’s practice. That’s why it should come as no surpise that the “Suge” rapper kept the funny streak alive with his new video for “Carpet Burn.”

In the new clip for his latest single off his album Baby On Baby, Dababy parodied the video of his recent run-in with fellow Charlotte rapper Cam Coldheart at a Louis Vuitton store. The clip, which spread like wildfire on the internet, begins with Coldheart confronting and provoking DaBaby and ends with him crawling along the mall floor apparently having just been knocked out.

In the “Carpet Burn” video, Dababy gives us Coldheart’s perspective, dawning a weight suit and fake dreads. We watch him zigzag around traffic cones and across a mall parking lot, trying desperately to escape his impending beatdown. Like many of DaBaby’s other videos, there’s a playful gangsta rap meets Looney Toons quality to the whole affair.

It’s important to note that DaBaby’s macho streak hasn’t come without its problems. In May, the Charlotte rapper’s security team reportedly beat a man into a life-threatening coma after a local rapper and fan tried to get a picture with Dababy before a show in Boston.