An Intruder At DaBaby’s North Carolina Home Was Shot And Injured

A person who broke into DaBaby‘s home in North Carolina was shot and injured Wednesday night, according to The Morganton News Herald. Around 7:45 pm police responded to a reported shooting at the property, taking the injured individual to a medical facility for treatment. The person was apparently on the football field on the property, but further details are scant as police are still investigating.

The home has been the center of a number of complaints from neighbors, with 31 calls for service to the Iredell County emergency communications office since the rapper moved in December of 2019. The majority of the complaints regard to noise and lighting, with burglar alarms going off and the construction of a wall and guard towers apparently annoying the citizens of the quiet neighborhood. A report about the complaints quoted some neighbors speculating that the rapper was building a football field — speculation that has turned out to indeed be true.

DaBaby was previously involved in another shooting in 2018. The rapper says that he was approached and threatened by an armed man while shopping at Walmart with his children. DaBaby shot the man, who later died, claiming self-defense. He was later sentenced to one year on probation for carrying a concealed firearm.