DaBaby’s Neighbors Reportedly Keep Filing Complaints About His House

DaBaby has always been known as a raucous performer but a new report suggests he might be bringing all that energy home with him — and his neighbors are not having it. The Charlotte Ledger Business Newsletter recently published a report that DaBaby’s address has been the subject of no less than 31 calls for service at Iredell County’s emergency communications office since he moved there in December 2019.

Among the complaints listed at DaBaby’s $2.3 million Troutman, North Carolina estate are burglar alarms going off, noise complaints, and construction including guard towers, a high concrete wall, and what neighbors describe as “stadium lighting.” While the neighborhood is described in the report as “a quiet, two-lane street dotted with Trump yard signs,” neighbors say they’ve been annoyed by “100 cars a day” driving through to take pictures of DaBaby’s house, as well as his frequently armed guards hanging around not talking to anyone.

Meanwhile, police have been called to the house on two separate occasions for domestic arguments between DaBaby and his child’s mother, who he said destroyed nearly $15,000 worth of designer clothing with bleach and who kicked his bedroom door off its hinges. The most recent complaints about the house were filed a week before the report was posted, citing the “stadium lights” he installed. Some of the neighbors interviewed speculated that DaBaby was building a football field.

You can read the full report here.