DaBaby Is Being Investigated For Assault With A Deadly Weapon After Brawling With DaniLeigh’s Brother

XXL reports that the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating Charlotte rapper DaBaby for assault with a deadly weapon after a video surfaced online of the rapper and his companions attacking a man identified as Brandon Bills, the brother of DaBaby’s ex DaniLeigh. The fight, which took place at Corbin Bowl in Tarzana, California, saw DaBaby and his friends outnumbering and overwhelming Bills on the slippery bowling surface, kicking him after he fell on the floor.

Bills had confronted the rapper at the bowling alley three months after DaBaby and DaniLeigh had an altercation on Instagram Live in which DaBaby tried to dismiss the singer, who physically attacked him in response. The incident ended with DaniLeigh being charged with two counts of simple assault after DaBaby filed a police report from that incident and another taking place a day later. The two entertainers share an infant daughter.

The incident at the bowling alley is just the latest one in which DaBaby was accused of leading a physical assault with his friends. In February 2021, he was accused of jumping the owner of an Airbnb he’d rented after violating his rental agreement to shoot a music video there, while in December, he paid a penalty to avoid charges in a 2020 beating of a limo driver in Las Vegas.