Daft Punk’s Grammy Rehearsal Video, Featuring Pharrell's Hat, Is Better Than The Real Thing

We hate because we love, or in the case of the Grammys, we hate because we get so frustrated at all the things they do wrong. There was the whole Josh Homme fiasco, and now we have Daft Punk’s rehearsal footage, which is SO much better than the real thing. The mix? Improved. The lack of attention paid to the robots? Improved. The everything? Improved. A fan described all of the differences:

More footage from the robots mixing. Guyman is dancing more than Thomas?! Better mixing for Stevie at the beginning More Stevie Wonder and Pharell closeups. Better guitar mixing (especially at the beginning of Another Star!) Best: almost no crowd cheer! No focus on celebs dancing (only Paul McCartney, and he is like the god of music so he is allowed) Some added adlibs bij Stevie. Still the most epic smiles behind the drums! (Via)

That should be an award show mandate: “Only Paul McCartney and Amy Adams are allowed to dance.”