Danny Brown Declares AI Rapper FN Meka Is No Good And Has Convincing Reasons Why

Back in May, Danny Brown got into the podcast game by launching The Danny Brown Show (through YMH Studios, owned by married comedians Tom Segura and Christina P.) He’s put out new episodes weekly since then and on the latest one from August 30, he weighed in on AI rapper FN Meka. To put it simply, he’s not a fan.

Addressing the initial upset some hip-hop fans had about Meka signing with Capitol Records, Brown said, “Only thing I’m mad about is he’s an AI-generated rapper but they got him saying ‘n****.’ Now that’s racist, ’cause we know ain’t no n****s programming no f*ckin AI-generated rappers. He’s saying ‘n****’ and sh*t and that’s the weird sh*t because I mean, he’s an AI-generated program: He should be smart enough to say some other words. He should have a vast vocabulary.”

He continued, “F*ck FN Meka, I’m beefing with him. Tell him to drop the diss song on me, Danny Brown want all the smoke.”

Brown also brought up another point about competition in hip-hop: “So if he comes up and this does real good, and this is successful, […] other record labels are going to be like, ‘F*ck it, I gotta get me an AI-generated rapper.’ I mean, bad enough we competing with each other. You know how many rappers it is in the world? It’s too many of us! It’s definitely too many f*cking rappers. […] Now you’re telling me we gotta compete with computers, too? F*ck this sh*t, man!”

That Meka diss track is likely not coming any time soon, as the rapper was quickly dropped from its label following the backlash.

Check out Brown discussing FN Meka above or watch the full Danny Brown Show episode below.