Danny Brown Reacts To Saucy Santana Comparisons On TikTok: ‘This Is Incredible’

Saucy Santana is once again going viral. This time, in the form of a TikTok sound. The aforementioned sound features vocals from Santana’s hit single “Material Girl,” which, itself, has received several rotations on TikTok, over the instrumental track of Danny Brown’s “Ain’t It Funny.”

Brown has caught wind of the sound, and it’s safe to say, he is a fan.

“I’ve noticed that you sound incredibly similar to @SaucySantana_,” said Twitter user @ReyDG23, with a video clip embedded, containing the sound.

Brown quote-retweeted the clip, saying, “this is incredible.”

Last year, Brown, 40, teased a new project called Quaranta, a reference to his age, as “quaranta” means “40” in Italian. He spoke about the project during an interview with Anthony Fantano.

“We’re just waiting on the right timing,” Brown said. “But it’s not called ‘40’, it’s called ‘Quaranta’. You know what I’m saying, it’s a… I don’t wanna give away too much why, but y’all will figure it out.”

He confirmed that MixedByAli of Top Dawg Entertainment will handle the album’s final mix, which includes some production work by The Alchemist. In another interview with HotNewHipHop, Brown described the sound of Quaranta as “just all over the place,” and also, “it’s going to be fun.”