Danny Brown Was Excited He ‘Didn’t Bomb’ His First Time Doing Standup Comedy Opening For Hannibal Buress

Rap and standup comedy are very similar performance arts rooted in timing, vocal precision, and crowd interaction. However, they are far from the same — only a handful of standup comics have ever proved adept at rap, including Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, and Zack Fox, while Chance The Rapper’s attempt to try comedy sorta stunk. But there remains an affinity between the two groups, who have an appreciation for each other’s crafts, which occasionally cross over — such as the time Hannibal Buress trolled fans at Adult Swim Festival as an imposter MF DOOM.

The latest rapper to attempt to make the leap to standup is Danny Brown, who is well-known for the goofball comedy of his raps and his fun-loving personality. Last week, he made his standup debut, opening for Hannibal Buress in Huntsville, Texas at a 4,000-attendance venue. Brown tweeted both before and after the show, revealing that it was his first night, asking followers to wish him good luck, then celebrating the fact that “I didn’t bomb!!!!!” In another pair of deleted tweets, Complex reports that the rapper said he was now “addicted” to comedy and dedicating himself to getting better.

“Definitely have a lot to work on but I can honestly say I’m addicted now and want to get better at this so I’m definitely gonna go hard when I get back home,” he wrote. “Thank you to everyone who sent me good luck wishes it definitely helped cause playing in front of 4K for my first stand up set definitely had me missing sleep last night.”