Dave Chappelle Is On The Cover Of Prince’s New Single, ‘Breakfast Can Wait’

08.18.13 6 years ago 11 Comments

In our roundup of the greatest Prince GIFs that ever Prince’d, we forgot one aspect of the Oh So Purple One’s personality: Pop Culture Prince. It’s as rare as a copy of The Tora Tora Experience in Best Buy; that’s because Prince has no use for culture — he IS culture, at least the bizarre, Batdancing, pancake-eating part of it.

He’s recently started to come around to acting like a normal, boring human, though, beginning with his initial encounter with Twitter last week and extending to last night, when he tweeted the artwork for his new Walt Jr.-disapproved single, “Breakfast Can Wait”: Dave Chappelle dressed as Prince logo.svg from Chappelle’s Show.

Game, Prince. Here’s a snippet of the single, too.


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