The First Episode Of David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ Miniseries Is Now On Instagram

David Bowie’s Blackstar has been turned into an Instagram miniseries, and the first episode debuted yesterday (February 25). Titled Unbound, the 16-part series features “evocative images inspired by the moods suggested in the album’s music, lyrics and artwork,” and not a “literal, linear narrative,” according to a press release on Bowie’s website.

There’s a lot going on in this initial 15-second clip; there’s a girl spinning a globe while holding a glass of wine; a guy picking a book from the book case; another girl working on a piece of embroidery; and some unknown figure in the corner whose face is unseen, as they watch everything that happens in silence. There’s also a book on the table adorned by a large black star, which is obviously in reference to Bowie’s U.S. No. 1 latest release.

Since its release, the episode has received more than 1,500 likes and 138 comments. However, several users have expressed frustration over the clip’s length, unaware that Instagram limits videos to 15 seconds.

Unbound was written by Carolynn Cecilia and directed by Nikki Borges for InstaMiniSeries, an account publishing episodic clips, and was created exclusively for Instagram. The series cast includes Tavi Gevinson (the editor-in-chief of Rookie Mag) as the protagonist, American actor Patricia Clarkson (The Green MileFar from HeavenDogville) as a lounge singer, and Borges as “woman in a red dress.”

New episodes of the series will be released every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. But until then, check out the first one above.

(via The Guardian)