David Bowie’s Will Holds A Few Surprises For His Friends And Family

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David Bowie

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David Bowie continues to surprise people well after his death. While fans were shocked by the news that Bowie had planned several posthumous releases, his friends and family all had surprises in store in the late singer‘s will. Among the most interesting things in Bowie’s will was his desire to be cremated in Bali and have his ashes scattered there in accordance with Buddhist traditions.

According to the Buddha Dharma Education Association, Buddhist cremation rituals can include enshrining the ashes in a pagoda or columbarium, burying them or scattering them at sea. The BDEA also notes that rituals can include chanting monks and donations are regularly taken to benefit charity. Overall, the ceremony focuses on the fact that Buddhists believe in immediate rebirth in another form.

Bowie was cremated on January 12, but it is not known if his ashes have been scattered.

The rest of the will reveals that Bowie was worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 million. He left $2 million to his personal assistant Corinne Schwab and $1 million to former nanny Marion Skene. The rest was split between Bowie’s wife Iman and his two children Duncan Jones and Alexandria Zahra Jones. Iman will receive 50% of the estate as well as Bowie’s New York home, with his two children receiving 25% each.

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