Deadmau5 Was Not Happy About A Play That Made Fun Of EDM-Loving Mice

Nokia And Deadmau5 Light Up London With 'This Is Lumia'
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If you’re an EDM fan planning on attending the Toronto Fringe Arts Festival next month, you should probably beware of Deadmouse: The Musical.

The production recently received a cease and desist letter from one of the artists it was intending to satirize, Deadmau5. The DJ talked about the subject on Twitter yesterday:

The situation was quickly resolved, however.

Deadmouse: The Musical, according to the production’s website, is about “a mouse who wants to be a house DJ, but is discriminated against for being a mouse. Think Ratatouille meets Book of Mormon.” Deadmau5, whose real name is Joel Zimmerman, is presumably the basis for the show’s main character, Joel Zimmermouse. Other characters in the show include David Goudda and Avicheese.

Come on, guys. No DJ Pepperjack, Aswisso or Muenster Lazer?

(Via Billboard)