Deadmau5 Slams Paris Hilton For ‘Encroaching’ On The EDM Scene

Disney may be giving Deadmau5 a headache these days, but it’s Paris Hilton who’s got him really riled up.

Yesterday, Deadmau5 wrote a lengthy post on Tumblr slamming Hilton and her newfound “DJ” career, which has been pulling in a staggering amount of ca$$$h. Basically he likens her to an amateur wannabe in a go kart racing against Indy500 pros — he recognizes her interest in EDM, but wants her to GTFO because her “encroaching on their scene” is “insulting as f*ck.” Some choice quotes:

“But, let’s get real here for a second… There’s being invovled / enthusiastic about something… and then theres just being a straight up ass.”

but i 10000% never in a million years wouldnt have the balls to encroach on their scene, and consider myself a professional.. enter their marketplace, and profit.

thats just insulting as f*ck.

But please, get the fuck back in your go kart.

No stranger to drama, Paris Hilton chimed in on Twitter with a #sorryImnotsorry response of her own:

According to PageSix, Deadmau5 countered with a short, but sweet line: “If I wanted attention, I’d put out a sex tape, f*ck a dentist, then charge a million for root canals. For now, imma just be me.”

Read Deadmau5’s full Tumblr post below.

go karts

So Paris makes a billion dollars playing a CD at a club. thats great. how is this news again? Personally, i would pay about as much to see her “perform” as Indy fans would pay to watch me struggle to get out of first gear and 20 feet off the starting grid in an Indy500 race without ending up in a wreck.