Demi Lovato Stuns With This Almost Perfect Christina Aguilera Impression

Jimmy Fallon brought The Tonight Show to Los Angeles last week, and the skies were dark, because all the stars were on his show. On Friday, songstress Demi Lovato was one of his final guests. There, ostensibly, to promote her 2015 album Confident, Lovato was mostly there for one of Fallon’s notoriously softball interviews, and to play one of his charming little games he plays with his guests.

Since Lovato is a musician, they decided to play a musical game, namely “Wheel of Musical Impressions.” Technically, there is no wheel, just a chyron that was almost assuredly designed to land on a specific musician, and a specific song, for Lovato and Fallon to do. For Lovato’s part, she got a chance to do an impression of Cher singing “Bingo was his Name-O,” Christina Aguilera doing the Spongebob Squarepants theme, and, most notably, Fetty Wap performing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

Is it all very silly? You bet, but that’s kind of the point. Plus, while Wap is not within Lovato’s traditional range, she can do a little better take on Cher or Aguilera. In addition to playing “Wheel of Musical Impressions,” Lovato discussed her first public performance. Befitting a late night talk show anecdote, it didn’t go well.

(Via The Tonight Show)