Explore Gorillaz’ Wild Demon Dayz Fest With LA Rapper Thurz In This Recap Video

If you happened to miss all the eclectic fun of Gorillaz’ Demon Dayz Festival in LA this past weekend, don’t sweat it; Uproxx has you covered. Along with Inglewood rapper Thurz, we got in-depth at the festival, talking to fans and catching all the action on camera to help you shake off that FOMO and show you everything you have to look forward to at the next one.

Speaking with enthusiastic fans, Thurz gets the inside scoop on why Demon Dayz was the perfect festival for LA, the best parts of the festival itself, and what makes Gorillaz such an enduring pop culture fixture after almost two decades. The answers range from the diversity of the crowd, which reflected the diversity of both Los Angeles and Gorillaz’ multifaceted pop appeal, to the varying attractions, which included carnival rides and Mexican luchadores alongside the wide-ranging array of musical styles on display.

Guests also shared their “festival rules,” from keeping an eye on their companions to arriving early to get good spots in front of the stage. One particularly civic-minded interviewee even recommended picking up trash, an underrated suggestion which festival organizers are sure to appreciate. Check out the performances, interviews, and glorious, Gorillaz-centric fun above as the countdown begins to the next Demon Dayz Festival.