Dende’s ‘Uproxx Sessions’ Performance Of ‘Nightmares’ Should Have Other Musicians Waking Up In Cold Sweats

As the age-old saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas. Musician Dende is here to prove that this also applies to the music scene. The “Georgia” recording artist has found the perfect balance of creative endeavors. From his work as a singer, rapper, producer, and instrumentalist, Dende has laid the groundwork for his latest album, ’95 Civic.

Dende dropped by Uproxx Studios for a tear-jerking performance of his single, “Nightmares,” off his album for Uproxx Sessions. The track outlines a devastating denial post-breakup. Dende carries that heartbreaking vulnerability with him into his performance as he uses a veil to serve as a symbol of his runaway lover.

Singing, “Early mornin’ / When I miss you most inside my bed / You be runnin’ laps inside my head / But I just keep movin’ on ahead, yeah / Late at night / When I just can’t sleep, my heart is heavy / ’Cause I miss you here to hold me steady,” Dende simultaneously holds back tears as he recounts the events.

When discussing his latest album, in a statement, Dende said, “Releasing ’95 Civic feels like the last thing I needed to do to move on to the next phase of my life. Although it’s a sad project, the time it allowed me to spend with A&R Mizz and producer Billy Blunt is something I will never forget. This is our best work yet.”

Watch Dende’s Uproxx Sessions performance of “Nightmares” above.

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