Drake Got Slapped With A Lawsuit By Producer Detail Over An Alleged Beating

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Detail is mainly known for his production work with huge artists like Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and Beyonce to name a few, but now the beatmaker wants to go to court with one of the biggest acts on the planet, Drake. The Young Money affilate has slapped fellow labelmate Drake with a lawsuit, claiming that the 29-year-old Canadian hip-hop star had his bodyguard and friend Chubbs beat him up and bust his jaw.

According to TMZ, Drake offered Detail the chance to be his exclusive producer (the two previously collaborated on Drake’s “305 to My City” for his third studio album, Nothing Was The Same). Detail, who has also produced tracks for Nicki Minaj, Tyga, and Rich Gang, allegedly turned down the opportunity because he wanted the ability to continue working with other artists.

Allegedly, the incident wounded Drake’s pride and he stewed about the rejection. Then in June 2014, he invited Detail over to his Calabasas estate under the guise of working together again. When the producer arrived around 2 a.m., Chubbs greeted him by punching him in the face while cursing him out. Supposedly he could be heard yelling, “Do you think Drake is soft? You think Drake’s a punk?” among obscenities. The whole scenario seems a bit ridiculous and unbelievable, especially given Drake’s “nice guy” image — not to mention that this type of violent behavior without an immediate apology seems out of character for a Canadian guy. But time will tell if Detail’s case will be treated with any serious merit.


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