Diana Ross Defended Michael Jackson By Quoting One Of Her Supremes Songs

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Defending Michael Jackson in the wake of the documentary Finding Neverland hasn’t gone well for those who’ve done it. One day after Barbra Streisand made controversial comments about his accusers — and then later apologized for her words — Diana Ross has, as per Vulture, thrown her hat into the ring, tweeting out a defense of her longtime friend, colleague, and co-star in the 1978 movie The Wiz.

“This is what’s on my heart this morning. I believe and trust that Michael Jackson was and is A magnificent incredible force to me and to many others,” the legendary singer tweeted, before quoting one of her most famous Supremes songs with the words, “STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE.”

Ross offered no further explanations, and later in the day cryptically tweeted a reference to another soul superstar, Stevie Wonder, writing “Here the dream” while linking to a YouTube clip of Wonder’s “Love’s in Need of Love Today.”

Jackson, who died in 2009, has been accused by Wade Robson and James Safechuck of sexual misconduct when they were young. Their claims were documented at length in Finding Neverland, which has found many turning on the memory, and the work, of the late King of Pop.

(Via Vulture)