Did Drake Actually Get A Nose Job Like Rick Ross Claims?

Rick Ross recently added to the Drake drama after he claimed the Toronto rapper had a nose job on his Instagram story. Ross posted a side-by-side photo of Drake, complete with the caption: “The bridge of your nose somehow got smaller BBL Drizzy @champagnepapi.” He would also go on to include it as a diss on his “Champagne Moments” song.

Did Drake Actually Get A Nose Job Like Rick Ross Claims?

Drake then responded by sharing a text conversation he had with his mom about the rumors. “I would have got us a 2-for-1 deal if I went ma,” he answered her when she asked if he actually had one done.

Since then, the two keep going back and forth about whether Drake had the procedure. Most recently, the Daily Mail featured some real-life plastic surgeons to get their outside opinions on whether they thought Drake had work done.

Dr. Elie Levine, a surgeon from NYC, shared, “It’s not like he has gone from looking like one person to a totally different person, but there is definitely more definition in the later photos. Light can always affect these things and can make a difference. But, if you really scrutinize it — there is a high likelihood that he did some nasal contouring.”

“There is a high likelihood he had a rhinoplasty because his tip looks smaller and his nasal bridge is narrower,” another surgeon, Dr. Raja Mohan from Texas, told the outlet.

However, this isn’t fully concrete evidence — and the debate about Drake’s nose job will likely continue for a while.