Diplo’s Postgame Show For The Baltimore Orioles Was Canceled Following Sexual Assault Allegations

In late June, Diplo’s ex-girlfriend, Shelly Auguste, sued him for sexual battery, assault, defamation, and fraud — and now the ramifications of that suit are now coming to light. Additionally, another separate lawsuit alleging sexual assault was filed earlier this week, and one of the DJ’s upcoming shows has been canceled because of the allegations.

The DJ was slated for a postgame concert after The Orioles played against the Nationals at Camden Yards on July 24. The team shared a brief statement today on Twitter, letting fans know they wouldn’t be moving forward with the event, without explicitly stating why. “The Orioles will not hold the upcoming postgame performance on July 24 at Oriole Park at Camden Yards,” read the brief message posted to the team’s Twitter account. “Fans who purchased field passes with game tickets to the Diplo concert on July 24 will receive a refund.”

Today, The Baltimore Sun also ran an op-ed condemning the concert as sending the wrong message. The Sun called the concert “very concerning” in that it comes “in light of the news that came out on July 7 that Diplo is accused of sexual assault after he forced a fan to perform oral sex on him after a show in Vegas in 2019, which she has claimed he filmed. (Editor’s note: His attorney has denied the allegations.) If the Orioles are such a family-friendly team, and truly care about women, they need to separate themselves from Diplo and stand up and cancel this post-game concert.”

Diplo has yet to respond publicly to the concert cancellation.