DJ Khaled Thanked His Fans In A Passionate Letter Like Only He Can

DJ Khaled’s Major Key is set to score a major W for the We The Best head honcho. Released on July 29, the LP’s first-week sales projections suggest it will rack up 90,000 equivalent album units — including 60,000 in traditional album sales per Billboard, enough to bump Drake’s Views out of the way so Khaled can score his first no. 1 album of his career. The gregarious DJ’s been pretty ecstatic about Key’s reception and success, as he rightly should, and he published a letter to his fans on Tuesday praising them for their support.

Using his most passionate voice imaginable in written form, Khaled tells “fan luv” how his current run is a culmination of years of grinding going all the way back to his earliest days as just a DJ and to his first album. Rap’s Tony Robbins brings it to the present by remarking how “It inspires me to see that you are inspired by my energy.” The lengthy message is a you-can-do-it-because-I spiel that sounds like the greatest sales pitch ever.

“Fan luv where do I begin to thank you for your consistent support. For inspiring me to be the best I can possibly be. For giving me the strength it takes to go out in the world aka the jungle to bring you the best possible version of me…Fan luv you were there when I released my 1st album 10 years ago and told the world to Holla At Me! Fan luv you recited every lyric when Lil Wayne proclaimed I am the beast, feed me rappers or feed me beats!!! We told THEY that we were taking over one city at a time! And that’s exactly what we did. Together. Over the past 10 years of We The Best Music I have had my ups and downs but one thing never changed. And that is the support and love from my fans. When I say I do this for you I mean it. It inspires me to see that you are inspired by my energy. It inspires me when I go out in the jungle and fan luv shows up in the thousands to celebrate what we’ve accomplished.”

Say what you will about Khaled but he’s always been a stronger believer in himself and a man of the people whose sole goal was to crank out the biggest hit records possible. His last album, 2015’s I Changed a Lot, wasn’t exactly his strongest effort so he regrouped to reclaim his hit-maker status with Major Key. With that renewed focus and “fan luv,” he’s returned to the front of the pack with an album filled with anthems.

Read the full letter on his Facebook.

(Via Pigs and Planes)