DJ Koze Announces His Fifth Album ‘Knock Knock’ With The Eccentric ‘Seeing Aliens’ EP

DJ Koze, otherwise known as Stefan Kozalla, is back with a new EP, released today via his label Pampa Records.

The EP features two cuts from the Hamburg-based DJ and producer, the title track, which first debuted this past October in a showcase for German menswear designer Herr von Eden’s autumn-winter collection, and its b-side “Nein König Nein.” You can hear both tracks above.

When we first heard “Seeing Aliens” it was only in a two-minute long snippet. Now in its eight minute entirety, we can hear DJ Koze’s full vision. The song begins with bleary siren wails before settling into its dark, unpredictable groove. Radio tuning fuzz effects interjects the song, conjuring the image of a lone conspiracy theorist working in a subterranean Faraday cage and tuning in to Koze’s alien frequencies.

“Nein König Nein” is a bit more straightforward, featuring an arpeggiating beat, handclaps and a propulsive bass beat. The song slowly blends sampled material with Koze’s original sounds, creating a woozy psychedelic shuffle that works as a warm contrast to the record’s a-side.

The Seeing Aliens EP arrives with the announcement that DJ Koze will be releasing his fifth album, Knock Knock, later this year.

“Seeing Aliens” will be featured alongside fifteen other tracks with contributions from a host of guests, including Speech (of Arrested Development), Eddie Fummler, José González and the one-and-only Róisín Murphy.

Koze has cultivated an idiosyncratic style of songcraft that’s perhaps best represented by his latest full-length, 2013’s Amygdala. But Koze’s unconventional approach extends beyond his studio albums and into his remix work and playful mixes, most notably, his contribution to the DJ Kicks series.

Knock Knock Tracklist:

1. “Club der Ewigkeiten”
2. “Bonfire”
3. “Moving in a liquid” (feat. Eddie Fummler)
4. “Colors of autumn” (feat. Speech of the band Arrested Development)
5. “Music on my teeth” (feat. José González)
6. “This is my rock” (feat. Sophia Kennedy)
7. “Illumination” (feat. Róisín Murphy)
8. “Pick up”
9. “Planet Hase” (feat. Mano le tough)
10. “Scratch that” (feat. Róisín Murphy)
11. “Muddy Funster” (feat. Kurt Wagner)
12. “Baby (how much i LFO you)”
13. “Jesus”
14. “Lord knows”
15. “Seeing Aliens”
16. “Drone me up, Flashy” (feat. Sophia Kennedy)

Knock Knock is out 5/4 via Pampa Records.