Doja Cat Has ‘Never Felt More Beautiful’ Than She Does After Shaving Her Head, Despite Her First Impression

Doja Cat’s shaved head has drawn a variety of responses from praise to confusion, but despite some early misgivings, she says her new look has made her feel “more beautiful” than ever. In a new cover story in Dazed, Doja says that after cutting off all her hair she felt that she looked like a “wrinkly penis” and “had an exposed brain,” but that upon getting used to the radical change, she loved it — and herself.

“I have never felt more beautiful in my entire life, which is very strange,” she said. “I felt beautiful when I had long hair. I definitely felt like a hot girl then, but I always do. There’s something so exhilarating about change; (it) showed me a different side of myself. I feel so new, fresh, and sexy. I also feel better without make-up: having this bare head and so little make-up is a fun experience. It’s new, and I love it.”

She also addressed some of the criticisms from fans about her occasional outbursts on social media. “They’re like, ‘Oh, this can’t possibly be her simply having fun,'” she observed. “She has to be out of her mind. She has to be cuckoo. Also, I have really bad impulse control; I like to react to things really quick. If I’m in the right mood or the wrong mood, I will snap back and I’ll have fun doing it. It makes me feel better or it doesn’t, because then the reaction I get back is tenfold and I’m like, ‘Uh-oh, I made a mistake.’”

And for those fans wondering about her new music, she offered this: “I have a project that’s going to be quite consistent, hopefully, which is coming up next and is the real album, the real project. But before that, I would like to put out some singles that don’t really connect to it in any way. They’re just fun things that I would like to put out.”