Doja Cat’s Shaved Eyebrows And Head Brings Cheers And Concerns From Fans

Doja Cat knows how to be the topic of conversation, in and out of music. Her latest action that has the people talking is the decision to shave both her head and eyebrows, the latter occurring in an Instagram Live broadcast yesterday (August 4). While the Planet Her artist simply explains it as her never enjoying having hair and seeing no purpose in keeping it if she won’t wear it out, it seems to be a much deeper issue to some of her fans.

Doja Cat went on to share more of her perspective, specifically as it relates to wearing wigs. “I just can’t believe that it took me this long to be like, ‘Shave your f*cking head.’ Because first of all, I don’t wear my hair out. You guys have seen me wear my natural hair out… I had like two eras. I had like two eras where my hair would be out. I would straighten it. There was a moment where it was natural and then I don’t even wear it natural ’cause I don’t feel like it, and then… it’s just a f*ckin’ nightmare, dude. I’m over it.”

Some fans offered support to the pop star as they feel people will try to turn the situation into a question of Doja’s mental health.

Other fans felt vindicated by the “Juicy” artist’s bravery as they too struggle with their hair.

Ultimately, it is her hair and her choice, but such a seemingly impulsive move is bound to cause a commotion.

Check out the fan reactions to Doja’s new hairstyle above.