Doja Cat’s Third Album Is Complete — But There’s A Catch

Doja Cat‘s come a long way since “Mooo!” After the quirky star introduced herself to the world with the goofy, viral track, her second album, Hot Pink, received way more buzz than her equally excellent debut, Amala, spawning a No. 1 hit single and launching her into the upper echelon of pop-hip-hop stardom. She’s since been working on — and teasing tracks from — her third album, which she recently revealed in an interview with Fat Joe is complete. There is, however, a catch.

The “Say So” star dropped by Fat Joe’s livestream to reveal why she can’t just drop the follow-up to Hot Pink. “It’s all ready,” she said in the clip. “I hate that I’m holding onto it right now.” But she says she has a good reason for doing so. “Every time I go on Twitter or go on Instagram, I see everyone saying, ‘Put it out.’ You have to plan things accordingly and there’s a lot going on. So, to just drop everything tomorrow — yeah, I’d love for you to hear it, but you can’t just be doing stuff like that. It’s not the same that it used to be.”

As Doja notes, her fans, especially those who’ve been following her since her SoundCloud days or who have become accustomed to watching her oddball livestreams where she often previews new music long before it releases, are likely used to her usual M.O. of putting out new material on her own schedule. But she’s also right about having to make sure it’s truly ready and presented in a way that fans have also gotten used to. She does have an encouraging consolation for those impatient with the wait, though:

“They are gonna get an album that I 100 percent am ready to drop and am overly excited to put that out.”

Watch Fat Joe’s full interivew with Doja Cat above.