Dominic Fike Doesn’t Mind ‘Dancing In The Courthouse’ On His Hopeful New Single

Dominic Fike is back, previewing his next album with a brand new single, “Dancing In The Courthouse.” Written about his life growing up in Florida and personal experiences, he still turns it into a hopeful track.

“Weather controls your day / People make up your mind / Until you can’t even tell / When someone gives you a sign,” he opens. “But we make the ground our grave by layin’ in it / We make our problems fade by facin’ ’em / We make the wind our wings by raisin’ your arms / At the top of the world.”

In a common move from the singer and Euphoria actor, he also showed off his creative lyricism.

“Make thе judge jump and hit the two-step (Hit thе two-step) / And make the jury come up with two guesses (Two guesses) / And lose interest, then they make up a new sentence,” Fike adds in the chorus.

The music video, directed by Jack Begert, leans into the Floridian vibes, as a child is seen thinking about diving into a pool — just as the beat drops. Then, there are interspersed moments with psychedelic filters, various short moments, and aspirational messages. In one of the funny moments, Fike is also beaten by a bunch of little children wearing Hulk fists.

Check out Dominic Fike’s “Dancing In The Courthouse” above.