Donald Glover Proclaims Migos As ‘The Beatles Of This Generation’ At Golden Globes Press Conference

Donald Glover’s co-sign for Migos and “Bad and Boujee” at Sunday night’s Golden Globes sent Twitter into a frenzy and probably has a lot of non-music fans hitting search engines to find out more about the group. But the Atlanta star’s praise didn’t end with his acceptance speeches. While addressing the press backstage, he went on to call the trio the closest thing to The Beatles in our modern world when asked why he chose to mention them in his speech.

“I think they’re The Beatles of this generation,” he said. “They don’t get a lot of respect outside of Atlanta. There’s a generation, the YouTube generation that I came up with, that are growing up with something separate from a whole group of people. Honestly, that song is just fly. There’s no better song to have sex to.”

To be fair, Glover’s comparison between the legendary band and the new Atlanta trio is one the internet has been running with for a while now, including t-shirts that play off the idea. But, anyone that’s trekking to the mountaintop and spreading the gospel in the same manner as Glover did last night is a man of the people and one who is worthy of the praise.