Don’t Bother Trying To Sell Your Used 10,000 Maniacs CD To This Chicago Record Store

At one point in our lives, we all owned a Collective Soul album, or maybe 10,000 Maniacs’ In My Tribe and definitely Jagged Little Pill, which has sold more than 33 million copies worldwide. Just don’t try to resell any of them to Laurie’s Planet of Sound in Chicago — they don’t want them.

Nor are they looking for any “2nd Tier Hip-Hop” or “Obscure Punk Comps” (there goes my investment in Rock Against Bush, Vol. 2) or “Lame/Sucky Soundtracks” or any of the other “DO NOT WANT” albums on their “DO NOT NEVER EVER BUY LIST,” which Laurie’s recently posted to their Facebook. According to manager Nick Myers, “That was stuff that had been here for a year or two, titles or artists we can’t sell.”

The real victim here is Bubba Sparxxx, though, who not only shows up on the list, but also has his named misspelled. I’ll always love you, copy of Dark Days, Bright Nights.