Drake And Tyra Banks Fight At Cheesecake Factory In The ‘Child’s Play’ Video

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Of course Drake visualizes his famous fight at Cheesecake Factory for the “Child’s Play” video. Of course, he does. Tyra Banks plays his love, well maybe not love, but opposite until a glimpse at his phone leads to the fight at Cheesecake Factory that he was so upset about in the track. Doesn’t she know he loves to go there?!

The video for the Views track clocks in at 12 minutes long thanks to Tyra’s scene-stealing turn as Drake’s angry ex-girlfriend. Her owning Aubrey is a riot. She calls him and apparently the other woman in Drake’s life calls him as well.

When he tries to calm her down and just have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory she finally explodes, smashing some cheesecake in his face before dousing him in Cheesecake Factory red wine before storming off. Drake, like always, owns the joke as he delivers the first verse with his cheesecake mask — because he knows just how to make dorky that enduring funny that people love.

After the painful and hilarious breakup, Drizzy drowns in his sorrows like anybody would after a rough split — with a trip to a strip club. Obviously. Drake’s buddy OB O’Brien shows up for a hilarious interlude to prepare the dancers for the night with the 6 God. Then the video hops right into NSFW territory as Drake gets over his breakup in Houston’s famous VLive.