Drake’s Dad Has A New Music Video To Fill All Your Slow Jam And Dry Ice Needs

Drake‘s dad Dennis Graham has tasted a bit of stardom, both via his son being the most famous rapper on the planet, his legendary bass-playing brother Larry Graham and his starring role in Arkells’ video for the aptly named “Drake’s Dad.” And it looks like he’s not ready to give it up. The elder Graham is working on a solo R&B album called Kinda Crazy, and he just dropped a snippet of the album’s first music video.

The bit of the video we do see is all dry ice, OVO medallions and over-sized white suits. Over a super-smooth guitar, the 60-year-old crooner provides a glimpse into an alternate timeline 2047 where Drake’s last hit was “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” and he and 40 regularly left the 6 to perform a string of Quiet Storm releases at casinos and fairs across North America. (Know that a flat tire was the only thing that kept me from driving nine hours to catch a Morris Day show in the middle of nowhere last year, so I mean that as a compliment.)

Check out the video up top via TMZ.

Graham isn’t the only famous family member on the new album. Crazy was produced by Jamie Iovine, son of Interscope Records head Jimmy and CRO of Los Angeles’ Meltdown Comics. The full track is due out later this month.