Watch Drake Get Completely Grossed Out By David Blaine’s Latest Magic Trick

I haven’t cared about magic since I watched Breaking The Magician’s Code 20 years ago and effectively lost my sense of wonder and imagination. But that David Blaine? That David Blaine is something else. “Else” being gross as hell.

The illusionist and “endurance artist” (?!) premiered his new show, Beyond Magic, Tuesday night and it was a doozie of a program with all kinds of “WTF?!” and “Yoooooo!” and “Eww!” moments. One of the more disgusting scenes occurred when, for his next trick Blaine, threw up a whole damn frog to the complete disgust of Drake, Dave Chappelle, and Steph Curry. Not separately, but together.

David Blaine first instructs Drake to “think of a small creature, one that can fit inside the palm of my hand” to which Dave Chappelle lets off a Meek Mill shot. Dave’s a comedian. He wasn’t going to miss that opportunity. Anyway, Drake thinks of a frog and then Blaine begins talking about biblical plagues. Chappelle reminds everyone that it rained frogs in Egypt, and a panicky Drake immediately starts looking around for signs of raining frogs. There weren’t any. That’s because the frogs were all hanging out down David Blaine’s throat the whole time.

The magician regurgitated not one, not two, but three damn frogs in champagne flutes and handed each flute to a disgusted Drake, Curry and Chappelle. How all three men didn’t take off running is beyond me. The last thing I want to do is continue to chill with a guy who just randomly keeps three alive-and-kicking frogs down his throat and ready to vomit at any given moment. Yuck.