Drake And Jack Harlow Link Up And Bro Down In Turks And Caicos

Ever since coming into the rap game, Jack Harlow has been pretty open about idolizing Drake. While on tour in November last year, he stopped his Toronto show upon realizing that Drake was watching from the balcony, and his new single “Nail Tech” sounds a lot like something Drake would have put on his own last album, Certified Lover Boy. The two rappers have drawn comparisons before, with fans noting the similarities in their laid-back but confident styles and regular-guy postures as Jack’s profile has increased over the past two years.

All of that is to say that watching the two of them link up and bro down in Turks and Caicos via their various social media posts seems about as inevitable as it has been amusing. The two definitely share a sense of humor, lending their posts the air of a buddy comedy like Step Brothers or Superbad, if one of the characters was the “older brother” archetype. Witness Drake’s bemused reaction to Harlow hovering over him as he Googles exotic beverages:

Complex even captured Drake’s laugh-filled response to Harlow’s post, in which he explains he was looking up the ingredients for a “weng weng drink” (vodka, tequila, rum, bourbon, brandy, and scotch in a collins glass — yikes).

drake jackharlow instagram response

All of this begs the question: If Jack Harlow is going to play the Billy Hoyle counterpart in the upcoming White Men Can’t Jump Remake… Does that make Drake his Sidney Deane?!?

Please, universe. Make it happen.

Check out more of the boys’ hilarious vacation antics below.