The University Of Kentucky Issued Drake A Cease-And-Desist Letter

Looks like Drake has even more enemies than previously thought.

According to Sporting News, the University of Kentucky issued a cease-and-desist letter to Drake following his appearance at their annual Big Blue Madness recruiting event. Apparently, Drake broke NCAA rules by snapping photos with several potential recruits.

Kentucky’s compliance officer reported the communication between Drake and three potential recruits in a letter dated April 27.

The letter states, “NCAA rules prohibited [UK] from arranging contact between him and the [recruits] as this would be an NCAA violation.” The letter goes on to say that Kentucky staff attempted to coordinate hallway travel so that Drake and the recruits would not cross paths.

Ask any ex he’s ever had, though, and you’ll find that Aubrey is nothing if not persistent. The letter says Drake “headed back toward the locker room to say goodbye to the head coach (who wasn’t there),” and shooting guard recruit Charles Matthews “approached Graham and requested a picture.”

After the minor violation, Kentucky “issued a cease-and-desist letter to [Drake] directing him to refrain from conversations with prospects or taking photos with prospects when that conversation or photo occurs outside the parameters established by the NCAA.”

Don’t expect something as petty as “How About Now” to come out of the situation, though. UK coach John Calipari tweeted that everything is fine between the university and Drake.