Drake Continues To Jump On Livestreams, This Time Teasing A ‘New Single’ Produced By Murda Beatz

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Drake has pretty much run the scale of song announcement strategies this March. Earlier this month, the OVO superstar promised new music to about 20,000 Toronto natives – and millions of basketball fans watching at home — at the NBA’s Toronto Raptors game against the Houston Rockets. It was a center-stage announcement fit for a king of rap, as the record-breaking “God’s Plan” attested to. Recently though, Drake decided to be a little more subtle in his announcement of new music – so subtle, you may have missed it if you didn’t have a good eye. Fresh off of his record-breaking Fortnite stream, Drake jumped on a Murda Beatz Instagram Live session and let us know there’s a “new single dropping soon produced by Chef Murda.”

The 24-year-old, Ontario-born producer has cooked up tracks before for his Canadian brethren, including “Back On Road” with Gucci Mane, the Young Money reunion “No Frauds” and More Life standout “Portland.” The duo has a winning chemistry, and it looks like they’ll try their hand at one more banger. Time will tell if any of the beats Murda was playing are for Drake’s single, but either way it’s safe to say that “rapper Drake” is going hard this album cycle.